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Behavior Assessments

Your EMBRACE veterinarian will assess your pet’s mental, physical, and emotional health, working to detect underlying medical issues if present then developing a behavioral modification plan. We’ll provide you the tools needed to enjoy your pet to the fullest.


A key part of the behavior modification plan is education on your pet’s behavioral issue and resources to tackle it, giving you the confidence and knowledge to better care for your pet’s mental and emotional health.


Some animals have severe behavioral problems that require intervention by a Veterinary Behaviorist for further care. Our team will guide your pet’s care, follow-up with the Behaviorist’s modification plan, and educate you on all available options.


Sometimes our pets need training to be a successful part of the family! Our team can provide you with resources and referrals for positive training techniques that work for you and your pet.


Pharmaceuticals can be an excellent tool for anxious or fearful pets, making them more amenable to training and behavior modification plans. We will tailor your pet’s medication needs to increase benefit and decrease risk.

Hospital Visits

Our team is Fear Free Certified and trained in the safe and low-stress handling of pets with severe medical anxiety. We will work with you to manage your pet’s mental and emotional health while ensuring his or her physical well-being during a hospital visit.

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