A Peaceful Transition

We are honored to be a part of your pet's journey, including providing a transition to the next journey in a peaceful setting surrounded by love, comfort, and a celebration of life. Our team strives to create a setting that is calming, safe, and comfortable for our clients and patients, allowing you to focus on your beloved pet during this difficult time.

In-Home Care

We offer in-home care for existing clients whose pets may benefit from the comfort and peace of their own home and familiar setting. For some, this option provides an opportunity to lessen existing anxieties related to in-clinic environments, promoting a more peaceful experience for you and your pet.

Quality of Life Consult

Understanding the loss of quality of life in aging and ill pets can be a grey area for many pet parents. Our compassionate team is here to help you make the most educated decision for your pet's quality of life and comfort. We provide consultations to assess health and discuss ideas to promote comfort, along with parameters to help you understand when your pet is suffering quietly from changes that cannot be further improved. The Lap of Love scale, which you can access via the link below, is an excellent resource that provides monitoring parameters for pet parents in need of such guidance.

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