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Happier pets mean happier pet parents.‚Äč

A Fear Free approach allows our team to deliver better care to our patients. From an individual to a joint effort, we require the entire team to work together to safeguard your pet’s physical AND emotional wellbeing.

A decrease in your pet’s anxieties leads to improved compliance and wellbeing, making each visit easier on you, your pet, and your pet’s dedicated medical team.

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Embrace Animal Wellness Animal Pet Clinic Prosper

Behavior Assessment

No one is perfect, not even our beloved four legged friends. A majority of pets have anxiety around their medical caretakers. To best help your pet have a positive experience now and at future visits, we offer behavior assessment visits to address your pet’s specific emotional needs in association with his or her medical care.

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Gentle Touch

Low stress patient handling techniques allow our team members to safely administer treatments while maintaining a positive experience for you and your pet.

A positive visit starts with a caring team.

Safe Environment

A safe environment for our patients is high priority. From the beginning to the end of their stay, your pet will feel comfortable, happy, and safe. With soft bedding, attentive care, and three separate areas for patient housing, both our feline and canine patients will feel safe and sound.

Embrace Animal Wellness Animal Clinic Prosper

Positive Association

The use of tasty treats, toys, and lots of cuddles creates a positive experience, associating our team and clinic with feelings of happiness.

Your pet has food allergies or a sensitive stomach? Don’t fret! We’re always stocked with hydrolyzed protein and GI health snack options.

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A Sense of Comfort

Every effort has been taken to ensure a calming experience for your pet, from a bright lobby, to glass doors, low wait times, views of nature, calming music, quiet exam rooms, our use of calming products, such as Feliway and Adaptil, and much more.


Some patients remain severely anxious despite our efforts to provide a safe and positive experience. In such a case, your pet’s doctor may prescribe a behavior modification medication to minimize anxiety and facilitate a safe, low-stress visit for you and your pet.


The staff, starting from admins at the front desk, to every other person you interact with here - are the absolute kindest human beings who truly love to love on our furry kiddos, as they call them! Dr. Simmons is AMAZING! She has a warm and kind spirit that had my anxious pup calm during our visit so that we could discuss his wellness plan. She got right down on the floor with him to soothe him and he stayed calm which is something I've never seen him do with any other vet before. It's been a wonderful experience and I am so happy I found them!!!


We took our dogs here on the recommendation of a friend, that the practice is a fear free vet. I was pleasantly surprised at Embrace, that their office looked like a living room and the staff couldn't have been nicer. They gave my dogs treats and spent time getting to know them and pet them before they took them for a nail trim. One of my dogs was fairly well-behaved without drugs and was smiling. The other was still pretty wary of everyone, and the staff suggested some Xanax for her next time. Dr Simmons suggested that we make a couple of happy visits to associate Embrace with being a safe and happy place for my dogs to visit. If you're looking for a caring vet, practice embrace is definitely the place for you and your pets!


Our experience at Embrace Wellness was incredible! The staff was very loving towards our pup, and you can tell they genuinely care about animals and their well being. Our dog has some anxiety, and they made her feel very relaxed and comfortable! I highly recommend Embrace Wellness!


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