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At EMBRACE, we understand just how busy life can be, from kiddos and pets, to work, friends, and more! To accommodate our exceptionally hard-working clients, we offer telemedicine consults.

‚ÄčThis appointment allows our clinicians to hear your concerns and develop a diagnostic or treatment plan for your pet, on your time, in your space.

Let us help you help your pet.

Unfortunately, we must reserve telemedicine consults for existing patients only, as Texas law prohibits a veterinarian from forming a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship solely by telephonic or electronic means.



EMBRACE offers a wide variety of diagnostic testing, from digital imaging and specialty blood tests, to ultrasonography and echocardiograms.

In the event that your pet requires a test that we are unable to provide in-clinic, your medical team will discuss the best referral option for you and your pet’s needs.

With our extensive diagnostic options, exceptional medical expertise, and consistent follow-up from your dedicated EMBRACE team, you can rest assured that you will receive the guidance and knowledge needed to provide the most comprehensive care for your pet’s special health needs.


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Embrace Animal Wellness dog Clinic prosper


EMBRACE focuses on complete animal wellness, from neonatal to geriatric care and every life stage between.

We believe in a balanced medical approach that is unique to your pet’s growth throughout each dynamic chapter of life. From preventative care to nutrition, pain management, chronic disease maintenance, and so much more, our team will educate and support you throughout the journey, ensuring your confidence AND your pet’s ongoing health.

Your knowledge and love paired with our medical support and compassion ensures a complete wellness team advocating for a long, happy life.



EMBRACE is equipped to offer a wide range of preventative and therapeutic surgical procedures. The use of advanced anesthetic and surgical techniques, our skilled medical team, and a focus on emergency prevention results in high quality and safe care for your pet.

Our in-house clinicians provide routine and urgent procedures, such as spay, neuter, dental with digital radiograph, mass removal, cystotomy, exploratory, and more. Additionally, we have paired with trusted and experienced local surgeons to give our patients access to a variety of unique specialty procedures while promoting cohesive, consistent care.


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Like us, our pets’ health is about more than just the physical. EMBRACE pursues a holistic medical approach, promoting an animal’s overall wellbeing and health.

EMBRACE offers behavioral consults, behavior modification plans, and pharmaceutical intervention. We understand that our patients are each individuals with unique needs, and we seek to promote their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

We also pair with local Veterinary Behaviorists and trainers to provide our clients with the resources needed to reach their pet’s behavior modification plan goals, ensuring a well-balanced life for the whole family!


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