Embrace Wellness Animal Surgery


Routine ovariohysterectomy, or spay, is recommended for all female pets to prevent pregnancy, but more importantly to prevent life threatening illnesses, such as pyometra, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and mammary cancer.


Neutering male pets is recommended to prevent testicular cancer, prostate diseases, hormone-induced cancers, behavioral issues, and pregnancy. Our team will answer your questions and guide the best care for your pet.


Routine dental care isn’t just critical for us! Our pets also need oral health care to keep their mouths clean and healthy. Routine dental procedures help to prevent oral pain, halitosis, lesions and infection of the jaw bones, and systemic complications from tooth bacteria.

Mass Removal

External and internal masses are common in our pets. Our team will help to guide the proper treatment of a mass, from cytology / FNA to biopsy/histopathology to complete mass removal. We are here to ensure that your pet stays comfortable and healthy.


EMBRACE pairs with specialty surgeons to offer a wide range of orthopedic procedures. Your pet will remain in the care of your trusted EMBRACE team while receiving the care that he or she needs for complicated illnesses, such as broken bones, CCL ruptures, bone cancers, dislocations, and more.


If your pet needs a specialty procedure, your EMBRACE team will educate you on all options available. A large number of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures can be performed at EMBRACE under the care of your veterinarian, from cystotomies to exploratories and C-sections, we are here to help!

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