Puppy | Kitten

From birth to adulthood, our little family members require unique medical and emotional care. EMBRACE offers exceptional care and guidance to ensure that your tiny friend grows up healthy and happy.


Adult animals need love, too! Annual exams are a critical part of maintaining our pet’s health as they transition from babies to seniors, from regular exams to detect abnormalities, to wellness blood panels to screen for early disease.


Our skilled team is here to help you navigate your senior pet’s care. Thorough exams, unique testing, pain control, preventative care, and client education will give you peace of mind that your pet is happy and healthy no matter the age.

Pain Management

Pain management at any stage of life is important to ensure that our pets remain healthy and comfortable, from post-op analgesia to geriatric care to painful chronic disease, we will guide you on the best option for your pet’s needs.

Skin | Ear Disorders

Disorders of the skin are one of the most common issues in our pet population. EMBRACE has the tools, knowledge, and resources to guide your pet’s treatment plan for any skin disorder. From allergies to vitiligo, we will be a part of your pet’s skin disease management team!

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases can be frustrating, taking a toll on you, your pet, and your finances. Our skilled team will make managing your pet’s chronic illness stress-free and comfortable, easing your mind and allowing you to focus on enjoying your pet’s beautiful life.

EMBRACE Love. Joy. Health.